Adding persistence to node-red-contrib-ui-state-trail node

There is one issue with this - and it is already being discussed on Github. There is no persistence. When you switch between another dashboard tab and return to your timeline the data is gone. In the current state this only works if you keep the page open all the time.

There is persistence if you enable it in node-RED settings.

Hi Paul,

do you mean this?

It means creating a filesystem context store as described in the docs.

If you read that guide, it should (hopefully) help you understand what 'Persistant Context' is and how to use it. As @Paul-Reed said and the dovument says, you have to enable it in settings.js

Hey @Paul-Reed,
is it possible to split this into a separate discussion, otherwise we are going way too much off-topic for the live mp4 streaming.

EDIT - Done! (Paul)

I don't have Node-RED in front of me right now. But from the documentation I would say I just have to set default contextStorage to localfilesystem and the timeline should store everything to file?

I will give this a try.

Thank you!

From the writeup:

SUGGESTION: If you want have all your context data be persistant, setup your settings.js file with the following:

    contextStorage: {
    	default    : { module: "localfilesystem"}

State trail indicates availability and condition of storage like this:
If persistence is not configured

If is configured and in use

The name of stroage ("default" in this case) and count of data points in storage.


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