Addressing in nodes S7

Hi everyone,

In the data block I have addresses with USInt (Unsigned Short Int) and I don't know how to put that addressing in the s7 node for the Node-RED board.

Here is all the addressing

I tried this one but nothing

What can I do?

Best regards!

Strange, what did you receive at node output and what was supposed to be a result?

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At the end USInt works with DB1,B0 for example

Thank you very much for the answer!

Maybe you have your DB optimized? if address is existing, you should be able to point in the middle of the tags. For example:
if you point into DB300.B0 you should still get something without error

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It is working! USInt works with DB1,B0 for example. I had the wrong address to call. Sorry for the inconvenience :pray:, I didn't notice it because of a letter.

Thank you very much

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