Adjustment in dashboard size

I would like to adjust my Dashboard size. Is there an option for this?. My Dashboard currently looks like this.

I would like the map to be full screen. Thank you in advance

If you edit the group node your template node is in you can change its size. There is no 'full screen' option, but you can certainly make it wider than the default.

Hey thank you for your reply. I was able to increase the length of that but I could not do in width. The default size was 6x6. And the width is fixed to 6. Can it be increased somehow?

A widget's width is limited by the width of the group it is in.

  1. open the edit dialog for your template node (I assume its a template node...)
  2. click the pencil icon next to the Group entry to edit the Group node it is in
  3. Set the group width to however wide you want it and click Done
  4. You can then make your template node wider
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Yes thank you ver much. Very clear explanation