Advise in using globals, flow vars en msg content

Hi, my management console is finished, and runs flawlessly and stably with node-red, mqtt, and various domoticz servers with rpis in the wan.

I have some questions about the proper use of variables and to learn how to program properly ...

My current situation is that:

  • I mainly use flow variables in the menu (list nodes) because after filling different list nodes the messages are lost;
  • in the menu when starting an option (button start); the flow variables are converted into msg variables that are then used in the execution of various submodules ...
  • I have set ip addresses and passwords as global variables (url1-10); name and password are in the global urls

My questions:

  1. Is storing names and password in globals secure?, among other things, when sharing flows via an export?
  2. Is it correct that I convert the menu items at execute (start button) to message variables or should I have used the flow variables in executing the flow with different sub-modules?
  3. The dashboard displays standard information, status information, history, etc. Is it wise to fill these information items with their own messages, or with one message with different fields ?

De main architecture of my management console:

Not really. The globals are in-memory by default so while reasonably well limited to Node-RED itself, they can be read by specialist hacking tools.

However, when sharing, the variable will not be included in the flow unless you have a node that sets it to an explicit value.

Hard to say, not sure there really is a right and wrong approach.

Again, not sure there is really an absolute here. Probably depends on the update cycles for different parts. If they all update on a similar frequency then you might as well do it together, if they all update independently, then separate messages may be best.

thanks for the responce