Again a problem with ui-value-trail


I think that's a question for @hotNipi. I have now implemented the monitoring system prepared at home on my boat in Croatia and installed the first sensor. Unfortunately the value-trail now loses the max and min values very often. At the attached screen shot only the first gauge works with values from a sensor, all other are still simulated. Max and Min values are lost, but sometimes they appear. The problem does not exist with the simulated values. But they all came from a mosquitto broker. The only difference is that the max and min sensor values are close to each other as the boat is at the pier and has shore power and the chargers are on. For this reason the voltage only fluctuates between 27.6V and 27.8V.

Min-max has 2 options to choose
The 'Show by default' indicates initial state (to show them or not) and with 'Allow toggle' option you can allow or restrict to change current state of min-max visibility.

I think the description is not good enough to do any research on topic.
Can only say that min and max values exist internally cos without them there would be not enough data to draw the line.

So please show the settings you are using for widget and try to figure out what kind of activities you do, or the browser does, or server side does when they disappear (in case they should not) and same for the opposite case.

'Show by default' and 'Allow toggle' are both on. But it is the same at the simulated values and they work properly. I also didn't understand what "allow toggling" means. Is this supposed to toggle the visibility of max and min on and off? And how is that triggered?

If toggling allowed, click on widget toggles visibility of the min-max fields. If it is not allowed, clicking on widget does not do anything.

This was the solution. I can toggle it now. Unfortunately this is not described anywhere.
Thank you for the support.

I also see that I haven't created the validation for "points per unit" So it let's you write what ever number you like.
I don't really know if I'm going to fix it (If I do, you will be unhappy probably) but if you really use high number of points, (for multiple widgets on dashboard), at some point it may harm performance.

I have 100 points per unit and 6 widgets on the dashboard and no performance problems with Raspberry 4 and an external SSD (no SD card).
But here is another problem with the Min-Max values. I have activated "Show by default" and now deactivated "Allow toggling" and the Min-Max values of the sensors are initially not displayed. I found the reason. The Min-Max values only appears after the sensors have sent a value. Because the simulation sends every 3 second a value, I can see the Min-Max values very quick there, but for power saving my sensors send only a value if it has changed and every 5 minutes a status message. For this reason, the Min-Max values appear only after a long time. You can see the difference on the attached picture.

That's a bug and fixed in v0.2.3.

I have v0.2.2 and in node-red pallett manager is only this version available and not 0.2.3

It takes some time and restart of node-red

OK, it works now properly with v0.2.3. Thank you.

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