Alarm Clock / Setting inject to start withl global variable

Hi all,
I´m looking for the easiest way to start a flow at a specific time.
This time ist actually saved in a global variable global.alarmclock_time
I tried to achieve this using "inject enhanced" and set tje global variable as trigger.
This works when creating the object and the correct time is displayed unter the inject.
However when the global variable is changed the inject is not refreshed.

Maybe I´m thining in the completely wrong direction but i´m just looking for a way to set an alarm clock via dashboard and starting at the given time at next morning.

Any help is highly appreciated

Have a look at node-red-contrib-cron-plus.

Thanks Colin - i already did and was a little bit overwhelmed passing the start time into it.
However i just found the option "recalulate" in Inject enhanced. Its normally set to 2 hours.
Shouldnt it do the trick so that the global variable is re-read after 2 hours?

It is worth the investment to get it going. Apart from anything else you will learn. Show us what you have tried so far.

Here is a working example I did for anther member. Its pretty much a complete demo of what you are asking...

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