Alexa Local node stopped working today

Have been using the node-red-contrib-alexa-local for some time and have many devices defined. As of this morning (September 8, 2019) they have all stopped working. Alex responds that the device isn't responding. I have tried deleting some of the devices via the Alexa app and rediscovering but it doesn't discover the devices. Nor does it discover any new devices I add. Have rebooted the Raspberry Pis (several) that run Node-Red as well as the router they are all attached to. As I mentioned, this was all working fine yesterday. Don't really know where to start to troubleshoot. Any help much appreciated as I have come to depend on this functionality. BTW, also tried the Alexa-home node with the same results.

It’s not a Node-RED issue, You can either wait to see if a workaround is found that the authors can implement or switch to an approved skill

see Alexa / hue emulation stopped working