Bug/Crash nodered and alexa

Hi there
I’ve been using node-red (now at 0.20.7) in a raspberry pi 3 and 4 with node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill, node-red-contrib-mdashboard and node-red-contrib-knx-easy with 40 nodes to integrate my knx net with alexa and for more than 1 year i had not any issues, since 1 month ago when every few hours (15/24h) it stops working: not a raspberry issue because it works and I can reach it from terminal and I even try the new pi 4, node-red in online because i can reach it at localhost/1880, everything is updated and when i give a command to alexa she tells me “ok” like as everything is fine but doesn’t work.
In order to make it work i need to turnoff/on the rasp.

Hope I have been clear
Any idea what is wrong?


Hi @seymour

The first thing to check is the node-red log to see if any errors have been logged. On a Pi, you can use the command node-red-log to see the log out.

Ok, this is the log, just two days and it has frozen last night.
But now I can't see the problem: I can ping the knx interface and it's online, Nodered flows is online at localhost:1880 connected and working, everything seems fine but alexa doesn't work althoug she doesn't tell "there is a problem" as everything is fine but the only way I have to make it work is to stop the flood, reboot raspberry e start again.
It's just 1 month I have this bug, 1 year i had no problem :frowning:

26 Aug 10:54:35 - [info] Stopping flows
26 Aug 10:54:35 - [info] Stopped flows
26 Aug 10:54:35 - [info] Starting flows
26 Aug 10:54:35 - [info] Started flows
26 Aug 10:54:35 - [error] [alexa-home-conf:768ded0f.d86ee4] Error: connect ECONN REFUSED
28 Aug 01:05:39 - [error] [knxEasy-config:c5d52a91.1c5bf8] timed out waiting for CONNECTIONSTATE_RESPONSE

The node you are using should handle that error without crashing. Please open an issue on the nodes github page to bring this to the attention of the author