Problem with "node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2" ans Alexa

I'm new to the forum and hope I've landed in the right area. Maybe someone can help me.
I have a Node Red running on a Raspberry Pi 4b in my network. This is partly responsible for my home automation in connection with Alexa. To communicate with Alexa from the Node Red, I use the "node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2" node. The "Speak" routine is used to generate an audio output of an echo in the network. This worked fine until recently.
Unfortunately I had to set up the Pi again. Since then, the audio output on Alexa no longer works. The node is correctly configured with the "Alexa Init" node and also connects to my Alexa. I can select all echoes registered in Alexa. When executing the flow that performs the audio output, no error message is displayed. During the connection attempt, the flow shows "sending ...". Then he gives the statement "success". The request was successfully passed on to Alexa. It just doesn't carry out the job. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything in the Alexa settings where the execution of the command or communication with Node Red was blocked. Is there a setting somewhere in Alexa in which communication may have been blocked?


Someone forked alexa-remote2 and is actually maintaining it. Try switching to: node-red-contrib-alexa-cakebaked (node) - Node-RED

I have read lots of reports in this community as well as in Hubitat community about issues with alexa-remote2.

Thanks for your help. It works with the other node.

Sadly, Cakebaked does not resolve the issue for me. Voice still stops working after 2-3 days. Can someone please share their configuration for Cookies, etc? Thanks.

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