Alexa response status

I am trying to use Alexa to receive the question

Where is my wife?

Then respond with the status from a homeseer node.

In the flow attached, it works and does that however the homeseer node when it receives an update from Homeseer(automation hub) it updates the msg. Payload and send it to Alexa device. It constantly updates because it's tracking location and therefor constantly announces my wife's location.

I want it to only give the status update if it's asked via Alexa and not on every status update

Any ideas?


use your original flow and store your wife's location to context storge.

Then either use node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 to listen for the spoken words and fetch the stored location and speak the location. You would need to set a routine in Alexa app that replied "ok" to the spoken phrase.


Use node-red-contrib-virtual-smart-home or similar, to have a switch that when turned on fetches stored location and then send it to speech. You would need to set an Alexa routine so you could say "where is my wife" and that would turn on the switch.

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