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SVG inside SVG. Both have viewbox which then both do it's thing. For user the inner one is something to maybe care about but still, both do affect. This is not something that human brain can figure out. That's why my highly simplified solution for centering that simple emoji works. By removing most of adjustments, all do fall back to defaults. But what if something needs adjustments?

I have anything bad to say about the node. Probably it is most powerful of ui widgets overall. But for sure it takes to have at least basic knowledge about SVG to use it properly or at least to being able to understand the source of misbehaviors. Layouting is trickiest part of the SVG and is full of non expected happenings.

I'm really sorry. Didn't want to hurt your feelings anyhow.

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I completely agree! You've done an excellent work @BartButenaers .

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Ditto :star_struck:

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