Easy way to Center a Button in a Group

I have a Group Width of 8 and a Button width of 6. The Button is Left Justified in the Group.
Is there an easy way to Center the Button within the Group? I thought there was an alignment property somewhere??


There is a "Layout" button for each Dashboard tab in the editor right hand column.
You can drag the button into the right position.

I found that button by accident.

I did notice some flakiness with the editor and the spacers.

The editor seems to add spacers and if I delete them the alignment gets changes back to left.

Also, I remember I used to be able to add a

to create a line between sections and now I can't seem to get that to work.

I used the template, but all I get is a dot and not a line?

Yes :wink:

The Layout Editor is not too bad, once you get the hang of it... no way to add lines though. Perhaps via the art of CSS?

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Actually, I added a Template Node with the following to create a Horizontal Line.

Put the <hr> inside div element


Ok, easier... Thanks!

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