Group Node - Horizontal Layout

I notice that the Group UI node places content in a vertical layout regardless of the Group width.

I want to display something like a Toolbar at the top of my layout. It has a size of 1x20.
I want the tool buttons to layout horizontally across the width.

How can I do this?


Hi @tcontrada

the widgets will be laid out horizontally if they are sized properly.

By default, a widget is set to fill the horizontal space of the group its in. But you can change that to a fixed width via its edit dialog.

So if you have a 20x1 (width then height) group, then if you make each button 1x1 then you will get 20 of them in a row.


Thanks, worked perfectly!


Is it possible to define in units the specific vertical position of a widget within a group?


Yes if you use the layout editor. (You can do it manually by adding spacers but that's a pain). The layout button should be on the tab row in the dashboard sidebar

Thanks, I meant the horizontal position but it works with the spacer option in the layout editor.

I have changed the horizontal size of my group to 5 units but how could I change the unit size (by default of 48 pixels) so that my 1x1 buttons are larger?

On the dashboard sidebar - site tab