Positioning groups

For me the groups on the dashboard are not positioned from left to right. However they are positioned from top to bottom left aligned. The positioning of the widgets within a group is correct.
Does anybody have an idea?

As far as I remember there is a custom layout algorithm in place to find the best fit. So we don't have much control over positioning of the groups. Although the order of their definition seems to have some influence over it.

I don't use the dashboard much, but doesn't it fit them side by side if there is enough room, otherwise one above the other? In which case if the window is wide enough it should put them side by side.
If you want full control them put everything in one large group and position them how you want.

That's how it should work according the documentation. I have two node-red installations. At one installation it works that way. On the other one it does not. What can I do about it?

Same browser? Same flow? Same version of node-red, and dashboard?

I have found out that the "issue" is caused by a dashboard site setting. When you make the horizontal group spacing 0, then the groups are not displayed side by side.

I can't find that field documented anywhere, have you found it? I haven't used it, but on the assumption it is the space between groups then that sounds like a bug.

I have not found any documentation about it. But try and error brought me the result. I'm not sure it's a bug. As far as I can see it's the only way to prevent that groups are displayed side by side.

If you set it to 1 does it leave a space of 1 between the groups?
Would not using a large number prevent them from going side by side?
Edit - I haven't got access to a system at this moment.

Indeed, a large number gives the same result.
I suppose it's a space of 1 pixel. I can't see it.

I think in that case 0 should put them side by side, so possibly this is a bug.

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