How to disabled the auto adjust for the groups in Dashboard

I was working in a Dashboard with multiple groups, I have arrange the groups considering a resolution of 1280 x 768 but the problem occurs if the browser resolution is changing, the groups auto adjust but I loose the original position, is there a way to disable this feature to keep the groups position? even if I can't see parts of the groups but I woul like to keep the position unchanged

If you don't want the groups to auto adjust then build it as one large group rather than multiple small groups.

Seconded. Dashboard by a default that can't be changed organizes groups in their given order left to right on the screen until it runs out of space. Then it moves down and begins again. This is hard-coded. Unless you want to go in and change the code (which is completely possible), it will do this on you. The easiest way around it is one large group of the size you're trying to achieve and layout everything using in-order layout with spacers to provide the blanks spaces you need. Or use the dashboard layout widget to make the right order.

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