Group height does not resize



I have a group in which the content may vary in size dynamically. However I'v found that a group's height does not change dynamically as well and I end up with scrollbars. What can I do to prevent this from happening?



You can fix it so a size you want. If it was dynamic the automatic layout would then start moving all the groups around - which at high update rates would look mad. So groups are generally a fixed size so they don't move... it is a dashboard - so you want things in a consistent place.

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True, but a dashboard to me provides a quick overview of the situation at a certain moment. It is not something I stare at for any length of time.:blush: Frequent updates with groups moving around wouldn't bother me personally. But a fixed height is what it is then. Thanks for your reply.

dceejay via Node-RED Forum schreef op 19 maart 2019 16:45:38 CET:



There are alternatives if Dashboard doesn't fit your requirements.



Yes - and when I glance at it I expect the top right gauge to show me x and the middle left gauge to show me y.... if it's gone and re-ordered it trying to be clever I have to then read the labels to ensure I'm reading the correct gauge.



Actually.. when I glance at mine, the browser, width of the browser window, device and device size force me to look at the labels all the time, because at some tabs, the groups are hardy ever in the same spot :slight_smile: