Change in ui-group node Size When Page Menu Open / Closed

I have two issues regarding this

  1. The order of the Groups on the Dashboard is not the same as on the Dashboard Layout tab (should be Graph then Gauge)
  2. I have one of hotNipi's Windrose gauges and a standard graph on two separate Groups. When I open the Group dropdown the Windrose gauge Group decreases in size

  1. Clear browser cache, maybe restart ...
  2. I redefine the question - Can groups in one row have same height when page layout is "Grid"? Yes. But you must accept that there will be empty space at the bottom end of the groups where you don't have same amount of content. You can of course then override rules for content in groups but that's the next challenge.

CSS (if you have multiple pages and they have different layouts, you'll need to target it page scoped )

    height: 100%;

Also you can adjust the left-side menu behaviour

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These are also documented (with image examples) here: Config: UI Base ui-base | Node-RED Dashboard 2.0

I am toying with changing the default value here to "Appear over content" as collapsing does cause resizing headaches elsewhere too.

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There are definitely some issues here I'm still trying to get to the bottom of but can't reproduce consistently. A more trustworthy 'fix" seems to be doing a full re-deploy, rather than partial in the Node-RED "Deploy" options.

Tried that, also restart NR, still the same

Did you do a full page refresh after restarting node-red? Ctrl-F5 probably.

I did indeed.

Edit: I added another node (to a different page) and it is now correct :thinking:

Regarding the changing size, my problem with the Compass changing size when popping up the Group menu disappeared when I gave it the same number of rows as the adjacent Graph. (graph was 5 * 5 and the Compass was 2 * 2. Compass is now 2 * 5). It seems that the contents of a group affect how the rows are sized as the Compass fits the same with either row count. (Probably the svg has an effect)

Still doesn't explain WHY it changes size but the problem has been resolved - with the Sidebar set to 'default'

No it's my design decision. And as the code is free to use and change, feel free to adjust it by your needs.

The layout of db2 differs a lot if to compare to db1. Much more flexibility, wider playground and so but also harder to provide solid solution to fit into everyone's wishes. Also to find out what it takes to get logical arrangements with different types of things will take experimenting and knowledge to gain and share. It's new thing. Let's learn and make it better for all of us.

Sorry hotNipi, I wasn't complaining. The only reason I mentioned it is because the svg part of the Compass seems to cause the sizing to not depend on the number of rows occupied, unlike the Graph which changes size dependant on the number of rows.

It will be interesting to see if other DB2 ui_nodes using svg have the same effect.

The thing to fight is that round things must be round even if surrounding area wants to squish it one or another way. Not easy to be round in the world of boxes. And still be readable.

Compass doesn't step out of boundaries determined by given layout rules. But the height of the rows in card depends on the content. And that is not limited by layout rules . Widgets can push it. That's what happens

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