Lost ability to size the layout on Dashboard

With my flows I was able to size the dashboard items on the Layout tab. The individual boxes had a 'locker' (upper right corner) and arrows (lower right corner). Only with the locker closed the arrows appeared.
Suddenly I lost the arrows, toggling the locker (open/close) will not bring up the arrows, so resizing isn't possible anymore.
It's only with one specific flow ... any idea what had happen here ?

I'm on:
Node-RED version: v3.0.2/ Node.js version: v19.3.0 / Linux 5.10.103-v7+ arm LE

What is the width of the dashboard group ? what is 1 widget size in pixels?

Are you asking for the "dashboard" groups width that's set with the Editor? That is 5 for 4 groups. They scale fine with changing the browser window (e.g. also changing PC screen and mobile device).

To get the values in pixel for the dashboard and/or the groups I could use the browser tools, but does that help?

There is a known problem with the layout editor, it can't cope with layouts wider than a certain size (about 30 widget units?) Your problem may be related to this.
Also it's probably worth rebooting the Node-red server and clearing the browser cache.

The width of a widget is specified here:

Thanks for pointing to the "SET" tab, but I think my 4 groups each with 5 or 6 boxes width should not be to much.
Also restarting the whole RPI/NR didn't fixed it.
I have started NR also on another port, imported the flows there and don't have the issue there.
Will start over with a new port 1880 and fresh .node-red directory.
(reporting back later today ... :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Did you try clearing the browser cache (via the menus)? Also worth trying a different browser if you have a choice, as a test. Sometimes browsers get confused and end up serving old components.

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Thanks @Colin :smile:
Next time I have such problems, I will remember your advice!

Had already restarted the whole NR with an empty .node-red directory ... and the problem was gone.

OK, glad it is working again.

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