Dashboard layout editor missing

Node-red-dashboard version 3.1.4 had a very useful 'Layout' button, as described in this thread:
Something for Friday afternoon - Dashboard Layout editor

In version 3.2.0 this button is missing. Am I doing something wrong?
I already tried restarting Node-Red and the machine which doesn't do any good.

When you move your cursor over a tab name, doesn't it show up? It pops up for me using node-red-dashboard 3.2.0

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 5.34.17 AM

In my node-red-dashboard 3.2.0 the 'Layout' button is missing. I expected to see it next to the 'Edit' button, which is shown correctly.

What version of Node-RED are you running?
How wide is your sidebar?
Are you running Home Assistant by any chance?

I'm running Node-Red 3.0.2 on a Linux mini pc (Lenovo ThinkCentre M73), and I can make the side bar as wide as I want. Doesn't make any difference.
I do use Home Assistant, but not on this machine or in this Node-Red project.

This Lenovo is used for tinkering purposes only :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you see the Group button? Layout only shows when you hover over a group.
If you do see group but not layout, can you post a screenshot of that area please?

That's weird. I must have missed that little detail several times. Thanks!

Although something has changed in the way this button works. I can't move around and resize my dashboard items like I used to.
Every item has a little lock. If I unlock it, it immediately maximizes its size, and there's nothing I can do about that, other than looking up the item (and leaving the layout screen) and resizing it. Which brings me back to square one. Plus I get these weird 'Spacer' items.

Hmmm. Time for more tinkering ...

Also: let's not update my production machine yet ...

If the little lock is open you can't resize it. If it's locked you can. Slightly confusing.

It must have made sense when the layout editor was first coded...

Update: Moving my dashboard items still wasn't possible, and the little resize symbols were missing. I rebooted my system again, and now the resize symbols are back.
At last, everything works as advertised!

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