Dashboard Layout Editor

Generally I don't like to use the Layout Editor of the Dashboard, but sometimes it ended to be useful.

Today, after several months I didn't use it, I went to the Layout Editor and I discovered that I am no more able to drag elements into the group, reposition them or shrink/enlarge. It seems totally blocked.

Am I missing something? Dashboard version: 3.1.7

No clue? I have just tried again, and the layout is static and can't be changed from the Layout Editor

Tell us a little more about your system... node-RED version, node.js version, operating system, hardware...
Can you also post a screenshot of your Layout Editor.

Try clicking the lock icons. They work opposite to what you might think.

Also, check browser console for errors.

I don't know what happened, but restarting NR things are working again.

  • NR v.2.2.2
  • Server: Raspberry 3B+
  • nodejs v.14.9.3
  • Browser: Chrome on Macbook M1

Thank you for your time

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