Something for Friday afternoon - Dashboard Layout editor

Thanks to our friends at Hitachi a contribution to add a layout editor to the Dashboard has now been merged into master on github - as 2.16.0-beta. Currently this adds a new layout button to each tab layer in the Dashboard sidebar

Clicking it will open the new layout editor that will let you move things around within it more easily (I hope).

If items are "unlocked" - icon top right of each widget - then they are in Auto size mode as normal - if you lock them then the bottom right grab arrow lets you resize and fix them. Widgets can also be moved to other groups - and spaced out.

Note: this is only the start to try to work out what is right - so (encouraging) feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

To install from master - it is a manual job - cd ~/.node-red && npm i node-red/node-red-dashboard - and then don't forget to restart and flush you browser cache.


Wow, that looks like a great piece of work, well done Hitachi!

Very nice, I like it!

This makes drawing the dashboard much easier!