Ui layout problem


I have some issues with the layout editor for the location of the elements in the dashboard.

When I press the layout button nothing happens. I have to press the "edit" button (or another button) to get something. When I close the edit button I can have access to the layout editor but I can only see one line and I can't modify anything.

Could someone help me find out what is wrong please ?

(I have already try to change navigator : I tried on Firefox, google chrome and Microsoft Edge)

Node-RED version : v1.2.6
Node.js version : v14.15.1

and which version of dashboard please ?

Hello dceejay,


you probably can't run mDashboard and dashboard at the same time - it may work - but certainly not tested when it comes to layout.

Ok thank you for your response.

How do I turn off the mDashboard please ?

You need to uninstall it - delete any of it's nodes being used then go to the pallette manager and remove it.

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Ok thank you ! :slight_smile:

Everything works perfectly now ! Thank you for your help both of you :slight_smile:

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