Hello all,
I am facing difficulty trying to open the mdashboard layout editor. The layout editor for dashboard is working fine though. Can someone help me out ? Please..

Note: you can not use both node-red-dashboard AND node-red-contrib-mdashboard. You need to remove one in order to use the other.

I did that, but it didn't work. For safety let me remove node-red completely and start from scratch.

Hi, reinstalled everything, cleared all folders but still the issue persists. Clicking on the layout will close the tab group and then later on a dialogue box similar to attached image appears

may be best to ask the author direct as it's not the one maintained by the project.

Have you checked your browsers developer console for any errors?

I just did. There are quite a few errors which were already there. I will attach the ones that were generated when clicking on the layout option. I have also reported the issue to the author. Meanwhile any help would be much appreciatedmui3

What version of NR, node.js and dashboard?
What platform and os?

Node-Red Version: 1.0.5: Maintenance Release
Node.js: v12.6.2
mdashboard: 2.19.4-beta
Windows 10

I just installed mdashboard and it is working fine on my Mac with
NR 1.0.5
node.js v12.13.0
mdashboard: 2.19.4-beta
just to review you do not have node-red-dashboard installed

Here is what the editor screen looks like for me.

Have you tried a different browser, if so, then not having windows I have no other suggestions for you, sorry.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Are you able to edit the layouts by clicking on the layout option near Home tab in the screenshot you posted??
I tried Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

if you mean this tab;
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 8.15.47 AM
no it does not work. If you would like to see that work, you will have to contact the author and request it. I suggest opening an issue on the nodes GitHub page.

Thank you. I have already reported the issue.

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