Resize elements in the layout

Dear community, I am writing here because in my nodered projects with dashboard I cannot resize elements of the layout, I have pressed f5 a thousand times and I have not achieved anything.
Could you tell me what I could do to be able to resize elements in the layout?
I use chrome and edge

Assuming you are talking about the size of a dashboard element, you set the size in the size parameter.
Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 5.56.19 AM

The width is effected by the width set in the Group

If this is not what you are referencing, you need to explain your issue with more detail

Dear Zenofmud, first of all, thank you for your interest, what I am referring to is resizing, for example, buttons, charts, etc... or any element in the layout editor

Click on the node and then click on the size option and you can set the height and width of the node limited to the groups size.

The image you have shared is a bit cropped so can't say for sure but if you have groups wider than 30 units, the layout tool may fail. It is known issue with as far I know - no solution found.
If so, you can only use node editor panels to adjust sizes.

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