Dashboard Group position during Layout

I'm pretty new on Node Red. I have problem to reposition the groups during Layout stage. The groups are simply fixwd and they can not be moved , to make some default screen. Instead, groups are repositioned later, after deploy according to screen width.
Is it possible to reposition the groups during Layout time or this is completely automatic and I have no control over it?


Dashboard groups are placed left to right across the screen in the order they appear on the Dashboard / Layout tab to the right of the editor.
When the total width would exceed the browser window, groups slip down to a second row.
The overall bundle of groups is then displayed centred in the browser.

You can move a group up or down in the list by dragging on the hamburger icon next to the group name.

With the example in the image above, (viewed on my PC screen) I see Labels and Col A to D with charts below them.

If you need more control over widget placements, use a single group on the tab and spacers between widgets in the group.

Thanks jbudd, yeah, I tought that is like this. I will try to live with it.


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