Dashboard - Cannot Move ui_group to bottom

Hello, i found a problem when i want to move group [1] into number [2]. on layout i cannot find any function that can move group [1] to [2]

may someone can help me. thankss!

Just to make sure I understand what you want, if you make the window narrower does it move down to where you want?

i just want to move the window from position number 1, to position 2

In your sidebar, select the 'Dashboard' tab, then select layout.
Drag your elements to wherever you want them & deploy your changes.


hi thanks for the reply, but i have try. but it still doesnt work

In that case please answer my first question, if you make the window narrower does it move down to where you want?
I mean the browser window.

Hi Colin. yes, if i make my browser windows narrow, it will move to the bottom. but what i want to ask is. how to move that "Nama Kelompok" windows to the bottom of windows with name "Kelompok 18".
i have try with layout like my last comment... but it doesnt work.

Make the Nama Kelompok group much wider so that there is not room for it beside the others, then it will be moved below.

ahh thanks Colin!.
It is Work!

Thankyou Very Much

but just in case

Glad to be of help.
I needed to know the answer to my original question in order to make sure I understood what was happening. It is always a good idea to try to answer the questions asked.

it already moved to the bottom, but still not in the middle of the screen. how to make it move to middle?

Position the items in the middle of the group by dragging them. Alternatively of course move the items you want to display into the bottom of the group you want it below.

umm how i can do that? in this layout editor, i cant move the nama kelompok group. i just can increase and dcrease the number of column

Reduce the width of each item in the group so they are not full width in the group, then you can move them to the right hand side of the group with space in front of them.
Like you have done in the third group

Collin, thanks again it works!.
but im facing another problem like in this picture.'nama kelompok' group collide with 'kelompok 18' group. i just cannot move 'kelompok 18' group further down. it still collide each other

That shouldn't happen. Make sure you are using the latest version of node-red-node-dashboard.
Are the first three groups all the same height?

refer to this picture, they have the same height, 4 blocks

And the dashboard version?

version 2.19.4