Dashboard layout/groups gone wild

NR.. 20.5
Dashboard 2.15.4
Ubuntu 18.4 LTS

I am/was trying to add a group on a screen.

Here's the pictures. Comments BELOW the picture.

Starting point.
The two nodes (middle of screen) are in "temp/group1"
Sorry I didn't open that to the right.
I want to put them in "BedPi Telemetry/(new group)"

Add new group.

Move them over to the new group. (Group 5)


As shown. They are now in the right area. Now to edit said group name and size.


Deployed and you can see the empty group.


I make the group 5 wide not 6.

It is now moved back to GROUP1, rather than BedPi Telemetry.
See red boxes.

I drag it up to where it should be/was before.
Not yet deployed.

Change the name to Uplink Status (Still not deployed.)

Deployed and it has moved back to TEMP.

This is a very short, cut down version.
I spent about 10 minutes chasing the newly added groups and trying to get them to stay where they were.

Any ideas to what is going on, or what is causing this?