Larger widget size spanning across multiple Groups?

Creating button/text widgets on a Dash board with 10 groups.
Is there any way to make a 'larger' widget to span across multiple groups?
Example attached.

Would your use case be able to work with using one larger group with buttons that are narrower?

If we assume your coulumns as 1 unit wide and your rows as one unit tall, as per your example, make group 1-3 a single group that's 3 units wide. You can make your "Button"s 1 unit wide and 1 unit tall, and your "ButtonBIG" 3 units wide and one unit tall.

Thank you Jay for the input.
I understand your suggestion.
But we are trying to put a TOP row of 10 groups
then on the last row, a BIG button ( bottom row)

I know in the new HTML Grids standards it is possible to span .

Set the group size for the bottom row to be whatever 10x the other groups is, then set the button to be be same to fill it.

Thank you DceeJay.
If we create another group ( group 11) to the larger size.
The problem is that the GROUP 11 would be placed on the far right as column 11.
The way i understand is that the groups would go from columns 1-11 for row 1.
Then repeat starting at row 2.

So not seeing how I can start a row 3 with just 1 large group.

In the new HTML the GRIDS allow this. So was hoping there was some way to do same

If group 11 is as wide as you say it is, then it won't fit on the screen next to 1-10 so we will automatically place it below