Widget widths - how to control them

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I know I should really spend a few hours trying to find this out, but just in case could anyone answer this v basic question?

I know you can choose the size of the widgets or use auto / specify the width of the widgets in the template, but why does the dashboard seem to think that some things are wider than they are. For example the flow below has 4 templates with 1 rectangle 120x120 pixels in each, but the dashboard lays them out as if 3 of them are twice as wide as they are. I had specified the div width in css, but this didn't make any difference.

Again any help would be an education.

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flows (4).json (15.9 KB)

It's the size of the group each widget is in.
Group 2 is 3 units wide, 1, 3, and 4 are 6 units.

thank you so much that's probably saved me hours, I'd not seen that option before

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