Size of groups and images in a widget


A couple of questions about the size of a group in the dashboard.

Adding only one widget (ui_template) with dimensions of 5 x 14 to a group Chrome inspector shows that Card (group) size is 5 x 14 with dimensions 264 x 750 pixels

What is the formula to reach on 264 x 750 from the original 5 x 14 size ?

Second question, regarding image size:

I inserted an image of size 240 x 672 pixels to the ui_template

Chrome inspector shows that the image is 228 x 620 pixels and intrinsic is 240 x 672 pixels.

How I can possibly have the image in the dashboard displayed with its intrinsic size (without resizing) ?



The sizes are determined from the units as allocated on the site tab of the dashboard sidebar. So 5 units using defaults 48px per unit and 6px gaps should be 5x48 + 4x6 = 240 + 24 = 264

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Thank you very much Dave !
In regards to the second part of my question only now I noticed that the image was being resized due to a lost CSS clause in my own flow. :man_facepalming: