All my nodes and flows gone

As @colin says node-red start will create a new (blank) flow file called start - so they would seem to be gone...

I know this is an old thread but I wasted 20 hours until I found a solution to the blank dashboard. You must use lower case for the /ui portion of the URL... ie: Perhaps deep in the code there should be a toLowerCase() so that it will always work.

or click the link provided...


didnt know that the part of the url past the domain is case sensitive ..
learning something new every day ( node red forum :wink: )

from the Editor i mostly use Ctrl-Shift-D to open the UI (ui)

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@dceejay could the fact that the the ui portion of the url is case sensitive be classed as a bug? It is certainly most unusual for the domain/folder part of the url to be case sensitive.

No. W3c says the domain is case insensitive (due to dns lookup) but the path can be

Understood. Interestingly (to me anyway), the only part of the fetch that is case sensitive is which is why, I assume, the page does not show a failure, it just shows a blank page.

Yeah caught me out first time i used it and possibly a few more time after, then i found the button!