All my nodes and flows gone

Hi all
Has anyone one had a problem like this.
Node red been runni g on my rpi3 for few months no problem.
I had download about ten other nodes and i have two flows funning.
For some reason i lost conection to node red but the rpi3 Nd openhab still running.
I restarted the rpi3 as nodered setup to start on boot but it did not.
I had to start nodered from terminal. When it started i my nodes i had downloadex had gone and no flows were showing.
Any ideas as at the moment this is a test shstem but i want this to control a!l my home automtion.



I had a similar problem with my databank, there was the problem, that it was stored in volatile memory, but normally node Red is stored at the sd Card and also all the flows are…
But maybe you can check where your flows are stored…

How are you starting node red in the terminal?

Copy/paste here the contents of the terminal after the node red start.

Also copy/paste the result of
sudo systemctl status nodered

In case you don’t know you can copy out of a terminal using Ctrl+Shift+C

Thank you for your reply.

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What do you mean? What is not letting you reply?

each time i try to send what i have pasted it comes up

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One thing to be aware of is that Node-RED uses the hostname to generate the flow file name. If you changed your Pi’s hostname then it wouldn’t find your flow file anymore.

The flow files is stored in ~/.node-red/ and is called flows_<hostname>.json . Have a look in that directory for any JSON files with content.


You don’t need to use links, just paste the text in, assuming it is not huge.
After following knolleary’s advice that is.


I will allow 24 hours it i can not edit or paste information.
thank you for your help with this.

Don't know, if you have ever solved this, but for others coming here for the same problem, I have just encountered the same issue.
Node-red running for months, and all of the sudden, the flows are gone.

Looking at the logs and configs, it quickly turned out I renamed my raspberry pi's hostname some weeks ago, and now Node-Red by opens a different default flow file (since the flow-file includes the hostname).

After renaming my existing flow-file in ~/.node-red to match my new hostname, everything was there again.