Node res flow vanish or replace by other flow

Hi, using node red on rbpi, i have created flow which contained many input from plc and also created dashboard to displatly values but now the whole program is gone and showing another programe how to check my old program and why it is vanish i had two flow one is with localhost:1880 other was thi ip see pic for reference

Hi. Probably not lost. More likely your host name has changed - and an alternative flow file was loaded. Or, you started node-red from the command line incorrectly

Show us the contents of your .node-red folder.

where can i find .node-red folder because terminal says command not found

That depends entirely on how you installed node-red and how you run node-red. For example, using the official installer script on a raspberry, the default place is ~/.node-red

Q1: How did you install node-red?

Q2: How do you run node-red?

i starts it with node-red

And the answer to Q1?

I installed without sudo command
kindly see pic of node red directory folder and there is no .node red folder in it

i have found the node red directory kindly see pic for reference which contain jason files

Ok good. So my guess is at some point you have started node-red like this node-red start when you should have done node-red-start

Ok, so do this...
restart the pi then open node-red editor - what flows are running. The flow you want? Or, the old flow you don't want?

yes it happens that i have used different ways to start node red
now as u said i have restarted raspberry pi and then open browser without starting node red from terminal and tried to open editor but fails to open, how to check what flows i am running and how to change flows

Start node-red using the command
and see which flows are there. That command should show the flows in the flows.json file which is the default flows file. Then break out of that and start node-red using
node-red start
which will start the flows in the file start in the screenshot you posted, and see what that shows.

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