How to save your flows

Hi, beginner to Node red , running on a Rasbian ,made som flows , and re bootet the rapberry pi.
Can not find them , are the not autosaved? anybody knows the default folder for made flows?
Thx in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Did you deploy your flows before rebooting?

HI Paul- Reed, Yes I did

You should be able to find the flows file in /home/pi/.node-red

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Great i Found something in json format, i will figure it out to import this to node red again. Thx a lot Paul-Reed. :slight_smile:

Covered in the getting started page of the docs

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Open json file, copy content.
Open node red, Ctrl+i, paste.

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or - node-red name-of-your-file.json
BUT the name should include your computers hostname - which is what it uses to pick up on by default... so maybe your computer changed the name