Allow the user to change his/her password for dashboard UI

My bad, thanks for the reminder Nick.

Is that a change that is on the backlog for a future enhancement?

No - it has never come up.

What is on the backlog is providing a more flexible set of options within the HTTP In nodes themselves - rather the requiring them to all share the same hardcoded username/password, and allows other auth mechanisms to be plugged in.

And of course, the Dashboard needs to get its own auth mechanism that isn't tied to httpNodeAuth, but so far no-one has chosen to help with that.


Without wanting to go too far off-topic here...

While I can't really contribute directly to Dashboard, I would be more than happy to collaborate with someone on some design requirements. If there isn't anyone, I'll be more than happy to share the design work I'm doing on uibuilder security. For example here.

I've mentioned previously a desire to align data schema's at the very least.

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