NR and Dashboard Passwords

Something just occurred to me. Clearly I know how to go into code and generate passwords for users.. but normally a user or admin can change their own password without getting technical - I don't see how to do this in NR or Dashboard. Am I missing something?

No, you are not missing anything. There is no facility for managing users/passwords through the editor UI.

hi, i have enable httpNodeAuth and httpStaticAuth, login the firts time works ok, but refreshing the UI (F5) does not required me login access, how can i do every access to UI require login?


Hi @jhon.zambrano - that is up to the web browser caching the authentication details. There is no good, cross-browser, way for us to force it to require a new login whenever the page to reloaded. The only way to be sure is to close the tab and reopen it.