Reloading nodered dashboard on access by new client

hello ... am familiar with NR dashboard and i have developed an app with the app when you access the ui you have to log with a user name and password so to access the other tabs[this, i have done with the ui control hide/show method] this works fine till you access the ui from another client , then you get all the tabs if the other client logged in. how can i tackle this issue? can i restrict ui to one user?[if so how] or how can i detect a new cleint to reload NR instance?
thanks any ideas will go along way.

I believe that ui_control outputs a msg whenever a new client connects doesn't it?

However, Dashboard isn't set up for multi-user access so I'm not entirely sure you can do what you want to. I don't use Dashboard for complex requirements though.

You should be able to do what you want with uibuilder but it requires you to be a bit more "hands on" in developing the ui.

sharp thanks a lot for your reply i will look into it with ui builder.

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