UI DASHBOARD for multiple user

Hello, everyone I read some of the topic that current node red ui is created for multiple user.
Do we have any other way.

By default, Dashboard is mostly single-user. Data sent to a ui node will go to all client browser tabs unless the msg includes a suitable _socketid.

Outputs from Dashboard will contain a msg._socketid. Just note that the socket id can change more often than you may think. They change if the user reloads the page or if the client tab temporary looses the websocket connection. They are also specific to the client tab and not a user id.

Separately, you can use the httpNodeAuth setting in settings.js to apply authentication to Dashboard but you do not get any user info in returned messages.

If you can do without the help and zero/low-code that Dashboard gives, you could use uibuilder with external security (via a reverse proxy) or add your own via the various middleware features that are exposed. uibuilder allows middleware on messages so it is possible to craft something that would add a verified user id to the messages. But none of that is out-of-the-box.

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