Dashboard multiuser


i want create flow and dashboard with "admin" user and share this dashboard with read-only users.
i read i need create one istance for every users, but i can i do?
thanks for help.


You only need an instance of Node-RED for each user if you want each user to run a different set of flows.

If you want a read-only dashboard, you would normally just set up a Dashboard with just outputs and no inputs and let admins have access to the NR admin ui.

If you want more than this - bearing in mind that NR isn't really set up as authenticated multi-user - you would likely want to use a custom set of UI's (e.g. not Dashboard). You can craft these using the build in http nodes or use a helper such as uibuilder. There are then various ways to integrate user login and authorisation.

We would really need to know more about your requirements in order to give more a comprehensive response.


Thanks for reply.
i only want users (not admin) not access to editor


The documentation here tells you how to secure the editor.