UI for Multiple users


In my project, there are many users who will use the same user interface but each user must enter their own code, can it?

And how can I professionally handle with node-red



I don't think that Dashboard is designed as a multi-user system.

From the README:

Multiple Users

This Dashboard does NOT support multiple individual users. It is a view of the status of the underlying Node-RED flow, which itself is single user. If the state of the flow changes then all clients will get notified of that change.

Messages coming from the dashboard do have a msg.socketid , and updates like change of tab, notifications, and audio alerts will be directed only to that session. Delete the msg.sessionid to send to all sessions.

If you can do without the widgets that Dashboard provides, you can use uibuilder which lets you build custom interfaces and includes a ExpressJS middleware feature that will let you do what you need to.



thank you