Dashboard security for multiple user

Is it possible to secure our Dashboard UI for multiple users? What I mean is I wanna limit my users of dashboard for specific persons, let say 5 users with different credentials (uname and PW).

This has been asked and answered soooooooo many times.

Search the forum and read the documentation. Search and you shall find :wink:

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Thanks my friend. Yeah I found something here:

But this is for 1 user only.
Note that, what I would like to secure is the Dashboard/UI not the Nodered Editor itself.

Yeah I reread and edited my post. As you have found, unfortunately, only one user for dashboard.

Thank you my friend. :slight_smile:

If you want more, you can look at uibuilder which allows you to build anything pretty much and provides some middleware functions that you can use to add user authentication/authorisation checks.

Just be aware that websocket connections do not support security headers after the initial connection so you have to build checks into the websocket data being sent from your front-end code back to Node-RED.

Thanks my friend. It's kind a jargon for me all the words because I am not actually expert on Web Dev. However, thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

im looking for same this one please tell me if you can do it. plzzz

As stated: You cannot with the normal dashboard.

I am trying to find time to document how to do this with uibuilder. Just note that you need at least a small amount of html/javascript knowledge to use uibuilder. It isn't as easy to build a ui with uibuilder than with Dashboard. But you do get more freedom to do whatever you like.

Yeah. As for beginners it's kinda difficult for me to implement some html/javascript. However I found something about SVG? Will you recommend it?

SVG = scalable vector graphics

nothing about making dashboard multi-user