Login and Password in dashboard (localhost:1880/ui)?!


i wish to put a login and password in my interface dashboard (localhost:1880/ui) like in (localhost:1880) how i can do that please?!

Thank you for your help.



Thank you , but i think that this solution it's made for code dashboard(localhost:1880) and not for my interface dashboard (localhost:1880/ui)
Thank you for your help.


you should move either the editor - see the httpAdminRoot entry in settings.js,
or the http path - httpRoot. The dashboard is off {httpRoot}/ui so securing that uses the method for httpRoot


Thank you for your response, but i don't understand, I have to uncomment this lines?!!
thank you for your help.


Hello Imadouino,

For the UI edit on settings.js to set an user & passw for HTTPS , I think this is what you wanted.

Uncomment and edit as follows:

// To password protect the node-defined HTTP endpoints (httpNodeRoot), or
// the static content (httpStatic), the following properties can be used.
// The pass field is a bcrypt hash of the password.
// See http://nodered.org/docs/security.html#generating-the-password-hash
httpNodeAuth: {user:"xxxx",pass:"xxxx"
httpStaticAuth: {user:"xxx",pass:"xxxxx`



Thank you it's work !!! !