Password of dashboard in multiples intances

Good morning to everybody;

I have two instances running on my device (localhost:1881 and localhost:1882), does anybody knows how can I put diferents passwords on dashboard on the both instances?

Normaly when I'm using just one instance (localhost:1880) I modify this on settings.js:

// To password protect the node-defined HTTP endpoints (httpNodeRoot), or
// the static content (httpStatic), the following properties can be used.
// The pass field is a bcrypt hash of the password.
// See
httpNodeAuth: {user:"xxxx",pass:"xxxx"
httpStaticAuth: {user:"xxx",pass:"xxxxx`

But now I don't know how I can put password on dashboard when I'm using multiples instances, Can anybody help me?

Thank you all;

How do you launch the separate instances?

Do you specify a userDir or a settings file? or simply specify a different port number?

Please show us

Hi Steve,

I launch this way:

node-red -p 1881 -u c:/nr1881
node-red -p 1882 -u c:/nr1882

Then it should simply be a case of editing the settings.js file in BOTH of those folders.

if not, then specify the settings file with the -s switch

It worked, thank you Steve!!

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