Secure different dashboard

Dear all,
Is it possible to add a password only for one tab of the ui ?
localhost:1880/ui/#!/1 for example
and not localhost:1880/ui/#!/2

Not really. The tabs are not separate pages, Dashboard is a single-page-app, everything is in a single page. Even if you did add a password to a tab, that isn't a security feature since a knowledgeable user could easily undo it.

You may try doing it within a node-red flow using the ui_control node which emits the tab name on tab changes. So you can build a check for the tab names and implement a user/pw check. However, securing the editor (or disabling it completely) is also advisable.

P.S: I recommend using only one ui_control node for the whole node-red project and build flows for it to handle whatever you want. (This also applies to the inject node when set to be triggered on start up.)

That is not security. That is merely an sticking plaster. That may be enough in some cases but it is important to realise that it isn't actually secure.

Yepp, but nothing was told about the level of security required. Judging by the question, it's not set too high.

Dear all,
I have found a solution by the creation of a second node red on the same machine.
I communicate by udp between the two interfaces. I have 2 differents ui, with two differents passwords :slight_smile:

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