New to red-dashboard

Hello, I'm new to red-dashboard and I'm trying to run the dashboard in my browser for the last 3 hours without success so I decided to create his topic here.

After installation via inpm i node-red-dashboard I have only this,

node_modules, package-lock.json, package.json

Inside node modules is the red-dashoboard, I tried to get the UI to the browser via node ui.js & node index.js

then I tried
~ $node-red-start

So can anyone tell me how to bring this UI up and running? Thanks

And my next question is, I want this dashboard to be the UI of my Node.js WebApp is this possible?

I want that users that are visiting my site can Add/Edit/Delete Widgets, and inside the widgets need to come in data from an api. Is this possible with red-dashboard?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

The node-red-dashboard is not mutual-tenant as per the ReadMe. All users see the same thing and that is
preconfigured, the one user cannot select which widgets to display

How to display the dashboard? I answered i. the other thread you also posted o.

you said this

Provided you have the dashboard nodes installed and at least one has been configured in a flow. Then you should point a web-browser on the same network to http://:1880/ui

This helps me zero! Tell me what file to run in my terminal so http://:1880/ui is up and running

Do you have node-RED itself installed?

between ihttp:// and : add the up address

@JayDickson Yes i installed it with npm i node-red-dashboard

@ukmoose I run it on localhost, I know what to put in the browser field, I need to know how to run it.

In a console, run "node-red" without quotes. Don't close the console. Copy paste your output in a reply here. If you get anything to come up, go to on a browser on the same machine you're running it on (assuming you have a gui.)

What hardware are you running on? What OS are you running on?


  • node-red
  •   + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (node-red:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

I have an Windows10 , I7, 64 bit, 16gb,

What version of node.js?

node -v in console

I was thikning node red dashboard is a standalone tool for building a dashboard, I found now

I was trying the whole time to run it without having node-red....node-red is not what i was searching for. Thanks anyway

That's what I suspected.