Deployment issues

Hello every one,
I have some issues deploying node red dashboard on a windows server.

This dashboard works both on my development system and on my test server (running windows 10, not windows server).

Node-RED version: v2.2.2
Node.js version: v18.4.0
Dashboard version 3.1.7
node-red-node-ui-table version 0.3.12

For some reason, the standard widgets are not rendering while the Table widget from node-red-node-ui-table is rendering. Also none of my color or theme selections in the Dashboard configuration section is honored, just shows basic blue on white background theme.

Any help to get this running on the production server is appreciated as I'm new to node.js/Node-Red and don't even know where to start resolving this.

This is what the dashboard is supposed to look like

This is what comes out on the deployed sever:

Welcome to the forum @mikaelo

What browser and version are you using?

In the browser check for errors in the developer console. How you get to that depends on the browser, it is usually accessible via Tools or something similar.

Looking at the page source generated, there is no html generated for the other sections and the only section is the one holding the grids. In addition I tried adding a button in that same group and it did not generate any code either.

OH... also noticed that the socke I/O error is in the console when I refreshed with the webdev tool open:

When trying the URLs listed with warning in yellow, i can pull them up in the browser, but not the map (assuming the same path).

I did a full uninstall and re-installed Node.js/Node-Red and all is good.
The original install was done by the local admin and I'm not sure what process they used to install it.

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