Adding a Node-RED-Dashboard UI widget node makes everything else disappear

When I add an UI widget, in my case node-red-node-ui-table, everything that existed before on the dashboard dissapears (theme also returns to the default one), even my side bar menu.
Only the widget is shown:

I can't figure out what is the problem and I am stuck because of that. Please let me know if you need further information about this issue.

What versions of node-js, node-red, node-red-dashboard are you running?

Are there any errors in the browsers console?

First question:

Second question:

This happens with any widget type node, also tried with Upload UI Widget. Maybe I am doing something wrong or I miss a setting.

Export your flow and attach it to a reply so someone can take a look at it

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Can you walk me thru the steps you take to add the table widget to your flow and how you configure it? Please be detailed so I can try to recreate your steps.


  1. I installed it from here:
  2. I drag it from the "dashboard" section and put it into my flow:
  3. I set its group and click done + I connect it to the postgres node
  4. I press deploy and my ui goes from picture 1 to picture 2



*If I disable the widget node after being shown on the ui, my ui goes to (see picture below). The only way to go back to my normal ui (picture 1 from above) is to redeploy from cmd

Can you go to the editors right sidebar (where you see debug msgs) and click on the `dashboard' tab and expand all tabs and take a screen shot of it.

Also attach a debug node (set to display the complete msg object0 to the output of the postgres node and show me the results.

Following your instructions I can not reproduct the issue.

The output of debug node:

The widget: I don't really care that the output looks like this right now

Command used to start the server:

I guess since the problem can't be reproduced maybe it has something to do with my files?
Does it matter from where do I start the server? Is there a difference if I start it from /bianca.cernat or from /bianca.cernat/.node-red-1881?

Is tehre a reason you are running using port 1881 instead of 1880?

I have another node-red application that is running on 1880. I use this as a workaround because of the fact that node-red is not multiuser intended.
Also I get the same behavior on port 1880

All I can thnk of at this point is it might be an issue having to do with Windows which I can't test out since I have a MAC and some Pi's.

@Steve-Mcl any ideas Steve?

I identified what generates the problem:
When starting the server with the command

node-red -p 1884

everything works fine.
When I rename my folner from .node-red to .node-red-1884 and start it using

node-red -p 1884 -u c:.node-red-1884

What I describe earlier happens.

I assume you mean c:/node-red-1884 or c:\node-red-1884?
c:.node-red-1884 is not valid is that a typo?

node-red -p 1884 will be using a different folder (with different node_modules installed) to node-red -p 1884 -u c:/node-red-1884

So this basically means what you have installed in c:.node-red-1884 (wherever that is) has an issue where as the default .node-red folder (probably in c:\users\YOURNAME\.node-red) does not!

They are both the same folder I just rename it from .node-red to .node-red-1884, so they should use the same folder.

No, not entirely sure what you mean.

If you want to load the flows and installed nodes of .node-red then node-red -p 1884 will use .node-red

If you want to load the flows and installed nodes of .node-red-1884 then node-red -p 1884 -u c:/users/bianca.cernat/.node-red-1884 will use everything inside .node-red-1884!

If you want to run both folders at the same time, use different port numbers...

node-red -p 1880 -u c:/users/bianca.cernat/.node-red    
# NOTE: this ↑ is just the same as entering   node-red  
node-red -p 1884 -u c:/users/bianca.cernat/.node-red-1884

Both will run on separate ports and you can test both at the same time

Ok, so. I think I resolved the problem.
Before I was running it with the command that was not specifing all the path

node-red -p 1884 c:.node-red-1884 yes this really worked, i don't know how

I tried to run it with

node-red -p 1884 -u C:\Users\bianca.cernat.node-red-1884

and it worked.

Thank you for all your explanations, they helped me a lot in resolving my issue and gaining more knowledge about how node-red works!

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