Adding login to ui dashboard as flow page?

Greetings everybody,

i am now using

this login, but this not works on /ui

how can i add this security to ui too?

The dashboard node readme has the information you are looking for.

i knew it, but its not lockable, can you share an example please?

The readme says this:

You can use the httpNodeAuth property in your Node-RED settings.js file to secure the Dashboard as it is created the same way as other HTTP nodes are. The details can be found at the bottom of this page in the docs

So have you tried setting httpNodeAuth to enable basic authentication on the dashboard?

actually yeah,

i made it and now its locked, flows are safe

but when i type


everything visible :slight_smile:

That is the adminAuth setting rather than the httpNodeAuth one.

i still cant find httpNodeAuth where should i add from?

From my settings.js file:

    //#region ------ Securing Node-RED ------ //

    /** To password protect the Node-RED editor and admin API, the following
     * property can be used. See for details.
    // adminAuth: {
        // type: "credentials",
        // // sessionExpiryTime: 604800, // in secs, default 7d=604800
        // default: {
        //     permissions: "*"
        // },
        // users: [
        //     {
        //         username: "admin",
        //         // `reader`
        //         password: "$2a$08$wmsrXbrhacO5v15.vr/jWOk54pRcbqWdOljStdMycrnFbYF.kTctu",
        //         permissions: "*"
        //     },{
        //         username: "reader",
        //         password: "$2a$08$wmsrXbrhacO5v15.vr/jWOk54pRcbqWdOljStdMycrnFbYF.kTctu",
        //         permissions: "read"
        //     },{
        //         username: "uibreader",
        //         password: "$2a$08$wmsrXbrhacO5v15.vr/jWOk54pRcbqWdOljStdMycrnFbYF.kTctu",
        //         permissions: ""
        //     },
        // ],
    // },

    /** To password protect the node-defined HTTP endpoints (httpNodeRoot), or
     * the static content (httpStatic), the following properties can be used.
     * The pass field is a bcrypt hash of the password.
     * See
    //httpNodeAuth: {user:'user',pass:'$2a$08$XPzmmEYTvmUI75ajrc.mheyvRKSoZAUwQYDgdmlYLUp3eP6JQrz1m'}, //pass="pw"
    //httpStaticAuth: {user:'user',pass:'$2a$08$zZWtXTja0fB1pzD4sHCMyOCMYz2Z6dNbM6tl8sJogENOMcxWV9DN.'},
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thanks you!

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