How to set 2 user on dashboard user1 can see 2 page and user2 can see all page

i have 4 page dashboard node red . and i want to set password to users the user1 can access to only 2 page and the user2 can see all pages

note : (one of page has download filed and i don't want to shaire it with other )

You can't really do that with the standard dashboard.

Possibly with one of the alternative dashboards - flexdash or uibuilder?

Here's a hacky way to do that with node-red-dashboard:

And have you checked whether the Dashboard web page actually contains ALL the data for all tabs?

For example, open the Dashboard and then open the networks tab and refresh the page. Now change tabs - do you see how NOTHING is downloaded from Node-RED?

That shows that ALL OF THE DATA for all tabs is contained within the page.

To the best of my knowledge, it is IMPOSSIBLE to actually secure the Dashboard page fully for multiple users needing guaranteed separation of data.

So a simple work-around may be sufficient for home use but nobody should assume that it is Secure.

Unless someone can demonstrate that I'm incorrect of course.

Not sure about Flexdash as I've not looked into its security.

For uibuilder, it IS possible to build a secure web app in a number of ways but it certainly doesn't happen out-of-the-box.

You could use multiple uibuilder nodes to enforce separation - that gives you a different URI for each node which can be secured in a variety of ways. This is probably the strongest security and the easiest to work with - there are ways to share the front-end code between instances of uibuilder nodes (e.g. by using folder links on the server) so that everyone gets the same code but different URI's and separate comms channels.

At the opposite end, since uibuilder can exchange metadata about the client as it interacts with Node-RED, you could build a flow that validates which client/user was interacting and ensure that only the right data gets to the right client.

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