Alternative way to integrate to Alexa

The issue:
Has been using the Alexa node (local) node for a while, however as many of you know, the Alexa local node does not work now, unless you redirect ports etc...,

So here is another work round I did which works a treat.

The idea and solution:
Use Alex service in IFTTT as the trigger to action mqtt, then use NR to subscribe to mqtt feed and control whatever devices you want.

On control:

  1. Setup IFTTT:
    1.1 Create new applet with Amazon Alexa service
    1.2 type relevant control phrase eg "on sonoff"
    1.3 Create action with, with your feed/name and data (eg 1)

Repeat for "off" control

  1. NodeRed

Only slight inconvenience is you have to say "trigger" before the phase. e.g:
"Alexa, trigger on sonoff"